Brand Guidelines

Kreative Horizon Brand Kit

Resources about the brand and strategy to stay consistent

Mission and Vision

Kreative Horizon is an organization on a mission to empower students to build the future of tomorrow, today, through hackathons, workshops, design jams, pitch competitions and more. Our vision is to support students across the world and have one partner event in every state in the USA and at least one partner event in every country by 2023.


Our most recognizable slogans across the Horizon in some fun word art and gradients!

Kreative Horizon Go Build The Future Of Tomorrow, Today slogan behind white backgroundKreative Horizon Dare Greatly slogan behind white backgroundKreative Horizon See The Future For What it Could Be slogan behind white background


"Kreative Horizon" are two words and never "KreativeHorizon", always spelled with a capital "K" and "H". It is the brand name of the organization.. When referring to Kreative Horizon specifically, please use "Kreative Horizon".


Ensure there is ample surrounding space for Kreative Horizon brand assets, allowing them to be either sizable or compact, but always affording them the freedom to breathe. Avoid making them appear confined or overcrowded.

Typographic Logo

The Kreative Horizon typographic logo should be used in all references to the organization if there is ample room. The black and gradient logo is preferred.

Kreative Horizon primary typographic logo behind white backgroundKreative Horizon primary typographic logo behind black backgroundKreative Horizon primary typographic in all black logo behind white backgroundKreative Horizon primary typographic in all white logo behind black background


The Kreative Horizon iconologo is for square-first or tight layouts. The first iconologo (with the gradient background) should only be used in instances like social media or profile pictures. The rest can be used in place of the primary typographic logo if space is constrained.

Kreative Horizon primary iconologo behind gradient backgroundKreative Horizon primary iconologo behind white backgroundKreative Horizon flat iconologo behind white background

Primary Colors

Besides whites and greys, our brand palette is built off of our special pick of orange, pink, and purple.

Princeton Orange


Persian Rose


Electric Violet



Can be for backgrounds or text. We always go from the left or bottom starting with orange and ending with purple.

Floating CTA Footer background image

Get Involved


We're starting in Iowa with our sights set on the nation. Every student deserves the opportunity to see the future for what it could be - and then build it.