Kreative Horizon Launches New Student Invention Competition at Iowa State University

Ames, IA: HackIowaState, is a beginner-friendly 24-hour invention competition taking place at Iowa State University between April 15th and April 16th. The event starts at 12 pm Saturday and is open to all current Iowa State undergraduate and graduate students and is completely free to attend. Students will be encouraged to craft solutions to problems they find meaningful over the course of the day. With support from the Translational AI Center and Ivy College of Business, this hackathon will bring together over 35 participants, including but not limited to Software Engineering, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Electrical Engineering majors. 70 applications have already been received from students to attend HackIowaState.

HackIowaState will feature three workshops, networking opportunities, as well as the chance to compete for first, second, and third place. Winners will be rewarded with a certificate of honor.

“HackIowaState is an incredible opportunity for students to meet folks that can help take their ideas to the next step. When you're constrained by a 24-hour period, you start finding ways to build your project and filter out what's actually important and what's not,” said Armaan Gupta, the director for the hackathon. “We're excited to see what Cyclones come up with on Sunday!”

The hackathon will take place between Saturday and Sunday for 24-hours straight, with participants working solo or in teams. Judges will include professionals from Visionary, John Deere, Iowa DOT, and Clayton Farms, as well as representatives from the Translational AI Center at Iowa State.

About Kreative Horizon: Kreative Horizon is a subsidiary of Kreative, LLC. that is working to provide tools and resources for students to build the solutions of tomorrow, today. Through hackathons and local workshops, Kreative Horizon has been connecting students to new ideas and skills. Kreative Horizon started in 2019 with the event 'BuildChicago' and was poised to run four new events in 2020 including the largest all-female hackathon in San Francisco. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic came, operations had to shut down. Now, Kreative Horizon is back to empower students on campuses everywhere!

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